Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tracking finished for the new album!!!

Last weekend, we finished all the basic tracking for the new record, titled "A Thousand Small Things", at Flat Black Studios here in Iowa City. The record is estimated to be released in spring (late April) but we're not committing to that date yet. The song titles so far are...(many of these tunes have been staples of our live shows recently some are have not been heard before!)

All These Desperate Angels
Maybe Maybelline
Mississippi Soul
One Fine Day
Half the Time
Shit Creek
In my Time of Dying
Salt Creek
Welcome to New York

Keep an eye out for some early samples as the mixing comes along....

In other news...we are playing only a few shows near home through winter, so we can focus on the album, so keep an eye peeled and don't miss the few shows we'll be playing!

The Mayflies

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Frolic Fun

Well, last weekend we played at a brand new fest in the beautiful rolling hills of Northwest Iowa. The Fall Frolic.  It was their first year, but they really had it all together. The people were super cool and kind. The sound was excellent. The vendors were great. Make sure you go next year, cuz it's one hell of a great party.  

This coming weekend, we have shows in Madison Wi, and Ames Ia. Friday Oct 10th, catch us at Mr Roberts in Madison.  Saturday, Oct 11th we'll be at Papa's Corner in Ames. 

We'll also be in Cedar Falls Ia at The Hub, on Monday the 13th for a get out the vote rally sponsored by Students for Barack Obama.

Hope to see you out!

The Mayflies

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Album Update

Well folks, at this time we have completed almost all of the tracking for our new (as yet unnamed) album. So far, the highlight has been James Robinson's drum work. I doubt James has EVER had so much fun in a studio. Rolling, thunderous, latin inflected grooves are the overriding theme for this session. Keep checking in, as we may post some rough mix samples soon.

Flat Black Studios is the place, and Luke Tweedy is our esteemed engineer. That man has great ears, and a keen understanding of the science of recording. Not to mention stupid-good microphones.

More to come.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New album in the works!

Pardon the sparseness of our first blog entry, but we needed to at least get our motors humming. A new album is on the way, and is being recorded at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City by Luke Tweedy. Songs to be recorded include those penned by band members Stacy Webster, Dave Lumberg, and Jon Eric, and five additional songs by Patrick Bloom will be included in there as well. Keep in touch, 'cuz it's gonna be a scorcher...