Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tracking finished for the new album!!!

Last weekend, we finished all the basic tracking for the new record, titled "A Thousand Small Things", at Flat Black Studios here in Iowa City. The record is estimated to be released in spring (late April) but we're not committing to that date yet. The song titles so far are...(many of these tunes have been staples of our live shows recently some are have not been heard before!)

All These Desperate Angels
Maybe Maybelline
Mississippi Soul
One Fine Day
Half the Time
Shit Creek
In my Time of Dying
Salt Creek
Welcome to New York

Keep an eye out for some early samples as the mixing comes along....

In other news...we are playing only a few shows near home through winter, so we can focus on the album, so keep an eye peeled and don't miss the few shows we'll be playing!

The Mayflies