Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mayflies new album, "Saturday Afternoon Girl" leaves the mixing stage!

Hi folks,

Our latest sonic effort, "Saturday Afternoon Girl" has gone from the mixing stage, to the mastering stage, which is to say that it will be released to the public in about a month! We will be pressing this one onto vinyl, as well as CD and as always digital downloads.

We are very excited to share this one with you all. Please stay in tune for more information!

The Mayflies

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updates on the recording

So, The Mayflies have been back at Flat Black Studios for the past several weeks, slipping in for a few hours here and there, to lay down tracks for our 5th album. (yes, I say album because I grew up in the 70's)
Our pal, (and co-founder of the Mayflies), Patrick Bloom, is producing the record. It is a departure from our last one, A Thousand Small Things, in that it is much more introspective, mellow and spacey.

As soon as we have a track mixed, we'll post a sneak peek, so keep checking back.

Bye for now!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 30th with Cornmeal!

Hey friends!

We are pleased to deliver this early warning about our show with the wonderful band Cornmeal, on April 30th in Iowa City at The Blue Moose Tap. Tickets are going fast, so you may want to order them now.
If you haven't heard Cornmeal play yet, you are in for a treat. These folks play fun, fast, and freaky bluegrass...and put on a stellar show. Click on their name above to go to their website for links to video.

In other news, The Mayflies are nearly finished tracking the new album (as of yet untitled) and we are very excited about what is coming out of our instruments, and are so grateful to have the opportunity to record our songs with the production help of our very talented pal, Patrick Bloom.
Hope to see you at The Blue Moose!

The Mayflies